About the E700XD

The E700XD sets the new standard for portable Doppler Weather Radars. The E700XD combines the latest state of the art solid state technology, industry leading digital signal processing and EWR’s innovative mechanical design. The result is the most compact, portable and advanced Doppler weather radar available.

Solid-State Transmitter with Pulse Compression Technology

Where previous Doppler radars utilized tube transmitters (Klystrons, magnetrons, TWTs, etc.) that require frequent tuning and are prone to failure in harsh environments such as those found in mobile tactical applications, the E700XD uses a solid-state transmitter which is virtually maintenance free and consumes far less power.

Although the E700XD transmits less power than traditional tube-based systems, it uses pulse-compressed waveforms to provide greater radar sensitivity. Traditional radars transmit short pulses at high peak transmit power to provide radar sensitivity (through the high transmit power) while providing short range resolutions (through the use of short transmitted pulses). The E700XD’s pulse compression transmitter transmits long pulses at lower power levels (providing the equivalent sensitivity as a short pulse at high power) while compressing the pulse in the signal processor to provide the same short range resolution obtained by transmitting a short pulse.

The benefit is that the E700XD can provide equivalent or better sensitivity and range resolution compared to a 10-12kW radar while transmitting a fraction of that power.