E800LP Series Low Profile Dual Polarization Radar

E800LP Rapid Response Trailer

Ultra-Compact, Fully integrated, Rugged design

The E800LP is a rugged, low-profile, solid state weather radar system specifically designed for mobile and stationary applications that require a narrow beam width and compact size. The E800LP is available in both X and C band frequencies.

EWR understands what it takes to build radar systems that withstand the rigors of mobile and fixed deployment for continuous operation in the world’s harshest environments.

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The Solid Advantage

Many other radars utilize tube transmitters that require frequent maintenance, high voltage and are prone to failure in difficult environments such as those found in mobile applications. EWR uses long life solid state GaN transmitters, which are virtually maintenance free and consume far less power. EWR Solid State transmitters are frequency adjustable and can be tuned by the user to avoid interference.

The latest E800LP transmitter uses a proprietary multi amplifier design that incorporates multiple “next generation” high power amplifiers to provide an extra measure of redundancy in this critical subsystem. This combined with EWR’s Hybrid Pulse Technology, which virtually eliminates the blind range associated with other solid state radars, results in a system that outperforms all other solid state radars on the market today.

The WeatherScout® Workstation provides all of the user interface and control functionality of the radar. The E800LP includes the most complete suite of meteorological products available.
Ultra-compact, rugged design makes the E800LP the ideal solution for complex mobile applications that require narrow beam widths.


E800LP Series Low Profile Dual Polarization Radar

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