Mobile and Fixed Based Weather Radar Systems

With more than 300 radars deployed worldwide since 1982, EWR is dedicated to the advancement of weather radar technology through its state-of-the-art product line and unmatched lifecycle support services.

EWR’s weather radar systems provide users with a complete picture of the operational environment. All EWR   weather radar systems provide products through EWR’s user-friendly WeatherScout® software that allow key decision makers to plan, prepare, mitigate and adapt.

EWR offers many different products and services specifically designed to conform to the end-user’s unique performance requirements and technical specifications. EWR systems combine state-of-the-art solid-state transmitters, pulse compression and hybrid pulse technology with innovative design to provide safety, accuracy and reliability. EWR’s product offerings are all Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) items; however, EWR has the capability to manufacture weather radar systems to meet the specific needs of the end user.

In 2006, EWR released the revolutionary solid state E700 PDR system, creating a new category of portable Doppler weather radars. This ground breaking modular concept was designed for field use by military personnel – and was quickly adapted by the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Air Force. The E700 PDR radar consists of three primary modules: a radome unit which contains all of the RF components, digital transceiver, and the antenna assembly; a radar processor enclosure; and a pneumatic mast. The radome unit was specifically designed to be mounted on the easily deployable pneumatic mast, which can raise to radar to a height of up to 50 feet. The modular architecture allows for easy field set-up and tear-down, and quick field replacement of components, which is critical to a highly dynamic field deployment. The E700 PDR can be unpacked, set-up, and operational within 30 minutes. A number of standard mounting options exist, which allow the user to mount the radar on top of a roof or building, or attach the mast to a mobile trailer or platform. The key enabling technology for this rugged, reliable, and highly portable radar system is the use of a solid state transmitter.

EWR Radar Systems has been the industry leader in portable X Band weather radar solutions since 1982. The E700 PDR Weather Radar System is in use today by the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, the United States Marine Corps for their Meteorological Mobile Facility (METMF) Next Generation (NEXGEN) systems and by the U.S. Air Force for its next generation PDR (Portable Doppler Radar) program.
The latest E800LP transmitter uses a proprietary multi amplifier design that incorporates multiple “next generation” high power amplifiers to provide an extra measure of redundancy in this critical subsystem.
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The E800’s cutting edge design and compact size make it the ideal choice for fixed use in difficult locations or portable applications. The E800’s high resolution also makes the system the perfect solution for “gap filling” in existing networks.
The E900 Series is the newest addition to EWR's line of the world’s most advanced solid state weather radar systems. The E900 Series is available in a wide range of configurations to meet different power and beamwidth requirements.
Compact, Multi Function, Phased Array Radar System. Modular Tile Based Array Architecture - Allows Larger Apertures to be Created for Missions Requiring Greater Sensitivity and Range
WeatherScout® is EWR’s proprietary, intuitive, user-friendly radar control and display software program. WeatherScout is the licensed operating software that comes standard on all EWR systems. The WeatherScout® software empowers all endusers to operate and evaluate meteorological phenomenon regardless of training or background.
Determining the weather radar most appropriate for your specific application can be a challenging process. We're here to help.

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