E800 Series Dual Polarization Weather Radar

Revolutionary Design

The E800’s cutting edge design and compact size make it the ideal choice for fixed use in difficult locations or portable applications. The E800’s high resolution also makes the system the perfect solution for “gap filling” in existing networks.

The radar pedestal includes the radar transmitter, receiver, signal processor, server and antenna. EWR’s proprietary design eliminates inefficient rotary joints for optimal system performance and reliability. This architecture also allows the entire system to be installed with only two ruggedized cables greatly simplifying installation and maintenance.

The E800 Series uses the newest industry leading, Vaisala Sigmet RVP901 weather radar processor and EWR WeatherScout® software, providing weather radar products and warnings to the user. The WeatherScout® PC Workstation provides all of the user interface and control functionality of the radar.

A History of Innovation

Since 1982, EWR is dedicated to the advancement of weather radar technology through its state-of-the-art product line and unmatched lifecycle support services.

EWR understands what it takes to build radar systems that withstand the rigors of mobile and fixed deployment for continuous operation in the harshest environments.

In fact, EWR is the #1 supplier of Portable Weather Radars to the United States Department of Defense and has a documented history of successfully producing and sustain- ing weather radar systems for multiple branches including the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Field Proven Solid State Transmitter Technology

EWR pioneered the use of solid-state transmitters in weather radar systems with the introduction of the E700XD system in 2006. Today, EWR solid state transmitters are field proven with over 80 radar systems installed around the world. This is a statement and experience that no other manufacturer can match!


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